Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - splattercon!!!

Ok folks, this is it. The very very last page. Except the credits, but that just felt like a little flourish at the end. This is the important one! As promised, it's covered in ink and 'blood' splatters and I think looks really cool doing it.

I've got a bunch of postcard books and drawings started that I'm going to move on to, so this may be the last post on The Tell-Tale Heart for a few days as the next stages are somewhat time consuming and not at all interesting piece by piece like the text was. Oh, and the Habs won last night and advanced to the Conference finals, so there is still loads of hockey to watch! I know you were all interested.
I think I'll got through and see if I want to add anymore cut-outs, I've been trying to find some thin black paper to cut out fluttery bugs between the pages, and then on to the cover. A couple of people have asked about that so I may try and get few photos up soon. I'm slowly embroidering the name of the book on the cover, which will have a sort of open binding, and then there will be beetles and gears underneath the leather showing through as embossing.


  1. Wow, wow, woweeeee!! A great final Flourish! All those fab ink-spot bloodstains, the cut-outs, the smudges, the huge red letters!! It is great!
    This will be amazing when it's all bound - I am sure the cover will be just as fabulous, having seen many examples of your lovely work before. The embroidery sounds great, the bugs sound fun... and the beetles & gears...

    I'll be looking out for the next thrilling installment!
    I am soooo enjoying this!

  2. I love it!!! I've been so excited day to day to see if you'll post more of it. I'll watch with eagerness to see the final stages of the book!