Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - changes

Alright! He's finally dead and the story has changed, so the layout changes here too. This even even more confusing to read than the rest of the book (so far). The phrases meanders more, turn sideways, and then there's the half size words as well. I hadn't been planning on doing that when I started out, but when I got to this page I wanted something different. I originally just had the large letters all along the right side and open space for the rest of the page, making the final pronunciation of the death really dramatic. But I didn't quite like it and wanted a good way to work things around it, while still keeping that the focus. And eventually inspiration struck! A subtly new layout that allows for a slight shift and new flexibility.

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  1. i have been popping over to look at these pages every now and then. I love your calligraphy. well done