Monday, May 3, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - don't worry, I haven't forgotten!

After relaxing for a couple of days I'm back the big project that is hanging over my head. It's amazing how much a task I set for myself feels like a giant unavoidable weight. But in a good way, if that makes any sense.

I like the bottom of the left-hand page, where the new paragraph starts with only a couple of words. I'm glad I didn't more that to the next page, especially since it's an important bit of the story, with everything so far leading up to this moment so that the old man can be killed. I like how the splatters turned out too, though I'm wondering if I can find a miniature eye dropper because mine makes everything quite uniform, and the upcoming pages will needs loads of messy splatters, but some have smaller writing so I don't want to cover up large sections.

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