Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart - wating, waiting

You would probably never notice when you're reading a story this short, until you write it out by hand several times, just how much time the narrator spends hesitating. He could have killed the old man three pages ago! Or more! Maybe I'm just grumpy because my hand hurts. A lot. Is that the measure of a productive morning? I hope not, because I'd rather not have major injuries until I'm much older. It's a good thing it turned out well.

The page has the first mention of "the low, dull, quick sound, such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton" that I took the watch gears imagery from. That's why this page has the big escapement cut-out in the corner. I also went over the words to make them a little bolder because it comes up again later. This page also marks the end of the third signature and beginning on the fourth. I'm half way done the copying!


  1. Half way... it's looking great and I am so enjoying the story! I'm sorry your hand is achey though - perhaps you could get one of those pen-grips, to help you hold it more comfortably? Or try adjusting your writing position/seat/table height? Hope it feels better soon (so you can carry on with the brilliant work you're doing!).

    Love it... that's all.

  2. I turned my light table upside-down to give myself a bit more room and that helped a bit, but it's mainly my habit of trying to grind my pen into dust instead of relaxing a bit! I clench my teeth until I have a headache too... things to work on.