Monday, June 28, 2010

He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven - all put together (well, almost)

So here we are, at the end of a very frustrating project. If you read my other posts about it, you know this already, but nothing seemed to go quite right on this one, and I'm glad I'm rid of it. Which is not really the attitude to have about these things, but still, it happens sometimes.

Here is the cover. I think I will end up changing this, or at least the ribbon, at some point. I had no idea what to do for it. I'm not a very good embroidered so I didn't really want to do that. It worked fine for "The Tell-Tale Heart" because that was supposed to be messy. But this should look nice. Also, it isn't seen when it's open, and will probably never be displayed closed, so I don't want anything elaborate. Leather would have been much too thick because it would be bulky when it closed. Any papers I tired looked bad against the fancy calligraphy. So I just went for some silk. Other than that... yeah, I have no idea what I really want here. Maybe I'll take it with me to the fabric store and see if I can find anything that doesn't look stupid with it.

With the embroidery on the edges. I used silk thread in grey and purple, in a sort of twisted chain stitch. It blends in and compliments and looks terrific all at the same time. At least one thing went right!

The cover when it's on display.

Yeah, I think I'm going to rip it off. In fact I know I will. I'm going to look for something in ivory and gold.


  1. How about a cover in heavenly or midnight blue? With gold and/or silver ribbon to fasten it? To go with the words of the poem... Or a golden yellow silk cover with a midnight blue ribbon? The inside is quite deep in colour, so something bright may work well for the cover.
    I do love the star-shaped format though. It looks great and somehow seems appropriate for "The Cloths of Heaven"

  2. I finally decided to order some soft gold velvet ribbon. I think it will be easier to go with a contrast than try and match all the colours. I hope by the time it arrives I'll have come up with something good to do with it.