Sunday, June 20, 2010

He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven - I knew something like this was going to happen

Here are the next two lines of He Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven, and just as I was thinking to myself that I really liked where this was going, and being impressed that I was almost done, as there were only two panels left of paper to write on I realized something was not quite right. There are four lines of poem left. So despite my measurements and math and template and doing all of this three times before starting, I haven't even managed to count to eight correctly. Unbelievable. So now I have to somehow make more of this background paper to match the original. Which took many different coloured layers and about two hours. Not cool.


  1. Arrgh... bad luck! You're not the only one - I do these things too.. quite often and in spite of careful planning!
    Good luck with making the new background papers.

  2. I'd squish the last lines in. :) I wouldn't have enough patience! It's looking lovely though and I'm excited to see more of it as well as the completed piece!