Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Purple Luxury

I am once again low on every type of supply but decorative paper, so I made a fancy and luxurious book using the one thing I do have at the moment. This one took a very long time to put togetherer. The back stitching is all in silk thread, and then there's all the embossed detail under the leather. I'm really loving that technique. I think it adds so much to the cover, and while it can be time consuming, is really not very difficult. I did two layers to get the effect I wanted, the lattice pattern (to match the embroidery) and the damask on top, to make sure the edges stood out.

On the inside I used a very rich textured purple (same type of paper as the red in The Tell-Tale Heart) that was very annoying to rip and I made a big mess of my sheet. I hope there's enough for another project, but I really did a number on it. The other paper is a really nice Japanese one I just picked up. I wanted something a little over-the-top that just pops whenever you open the book.

This one is for sale on Etsy.

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