Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Well Travelled Postcard Book

I wonder if other people like collecting postcards as much as I do? I like museum and gallery gift shops better than the actual exhibits. So, for another entry to the Hotel Sask store, is a new postcard book. It used to have a leather cover too, the same colour as the straps, but it didn't look quite right. You couldn't see the stitching well and it was just too much. Plus it was sitting a little crooked. Turns out that's actually the inside bit, but I'd ripped it apart by then anyway. At least I got to put it back together in such a way as to minimize it, at least.

The paper is blue inside and out, so instead of having contrasting paper that way I made all the little pockets out of different map and stamp printed paper. I like it!

I tired something a little different on this one. Instead of making two separate back pieces, the inside one with the sewing and tabs, and the outside one covering it all up, I just made one and put the sewing on display.The spacing of the stitches moves a little because of the room between the folds, so I haven't quite decided if I like it or not like this. It is faster and simpler to make, so I'll likely try at least one more like this. It also stays together nicely even without being full of postcards, since the back is actually stitched together, which looks nice. A bit more trial and error and I should have it.

I like the map paper on the cover much better than the original leather. I also like stitching on the straps like this, I think it makes it look a bit like an old suitcase or something.

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