Friday, June 18, 2010

I Haven't Done This in Awhile

It's been a few, well, many months, since I've just a plain book with a soft cover, so here I am. I'm getting ready for a big craft show in November, so I need to start stocking up, and these don't take too long and are nice and basic, so I'm starting here. I picked out a whole bunch of papers/leathers and now I'm waiting for my thread to arrive so I can get started! This was the only one I had that I wanted with a neutral, so it went first..

Kind of a Steampunk type feel to it. I love Steampunk.

Inside. I love marbled paper! This is from Rhonda of My Marbled Papers.


  1. Yes, isn't Rhonda's paper wonderful?
    That book is great. Does it only have 2 signatures, sewn in with that X stitch, or do you make a book block and attach it in some clever way?
    Love the eyelets and the fastening.
    Good luck with the stocking up!

  2. It has four signatures, which was a little more complicated but still turned out all right. I think it could probably be done with any even numbered amount, if I want to make a bigger one.