Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lovely Linen - Molskine Cover

I have a bad habit of falling madly in love with things that can never love me back: Batman, Clive Owen, expensive watches, Payne's Grey, and linen. Just to start. But linen is the one that really drives me crazy. I mean, it feels great looks so nice. Until you breath on it and it instantly wrinkles and there's nothing you can ever do to make it look neat again after that.

I made this cover out of it anyway. Actually, you can't see the wrinkles. I think it's the dark colour. Thank God. And it's glued now, it can't go all wonky!

I liked how the visible stitching turned out on the last large Moleskine cover, so I did it on purpose on this one. I choose the leather and inside paper to match the thread and really pop against the navy. I like it! I really like the feel of using material instead of paper. If only I can figure out what colour leather to go with some salvaged grey cloth I nabbed from work I would make another.

This one is already at the Hotel Sask. I dropped a whole bunch of stuff off yesterday, so here's hoping it'll go well! At very least I'll be able to get some feedback about what people are saying and asking for, and that will help me decide what to make in the future.


  1. Ooh, best of luck with the Hotel sales!

    I like this cover very much - you're right about the stitching, it just adds a nice touch.
    How about a bright golden-yellow to go with the grey? Or a lime green or orange - something zingy and a little unexpected & funky?

  2. Green or orange would be terrific actually, but I only have boring neutral colours. Perhaps this is the excuse I've needed for more supplies?