Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Moral of the Game

My friend Caryn (of kite fame) bought the painting I did of her. yay! And when she sent me the cheque for it she included some terrific old board games she'd found, just in case I wanted to use them. Which of course I did. They aren't really board games, though, they're on very thin flexible cardboard, which is even better because it's easy to wrap around the book board.

I'm sending one back with the painting just as soon as I figure out the best way to ship something so heavy.

The Snakes and Ladders games I used for the cover is highly moralistic. With 'penitence' leading up to 'grace' and 'disobedience' down to 'disgrace' and the like. It's kind of amusing. When I was little I actually had a giant plastic version of this exact game, though I don't remember is it had the words.

The inside paper is bright red and blue, to go with the squares of the game. I changed the usual way I do the back leather pieces into smaller strips to go with the square outlines. This photo is of the back, and I like what I did with the strap that holds it together. Instead of sewing down the actual strap I put another leather strip over top and sewed it instead. It matches everything better this way, I think.

The leather I was using was just scraps, and the strap holding it together at the front had an angled corner. I though it kind of added something, so I just left it.

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  1. Caryn will be so delighted with this! What a way to reward a little present. It is a great book. I hope you make more - I'm sure they'll sell well.